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Avilo is the 26 yr old Based Mech G0d destined to Mech it Happen™.  Currently streaming at, why the hell are you reading this, go to my stream now br0vilo!

13 thoughts on “About

  1. wow this looks pretty cool, good job :D. I hope more stuff is added to the site to make it more exciting.

  2. Hello Avilo,

    you´r da Grandmaster! I very like to watch you on Twitch – i followed AngryKoreaMan (AKM) on Warcraft 3 and also SC2. You play similar style! You know him? Greetings from Germany!


  3. im gonna buy sc2 because of you so david kim should give you some mother fucking credit!, fuck yeah

  4. Neosteel frame op please nerf. Avilo, you should play more Zealot Hockey 😀

    199th sub never forget it I will always be in the shadow of bill farty. gg wp

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