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Breaking News: Grand Inquisitor Mod “LookNoHands” finally defeated

BREAKING NEWS:  In a landmark decision today, twitch tournament chats everywhere have removed Grand Inquisitor Moderator “LookNoHands” from moderator-ship.

The Avilonation was able to secure an exclusive live interview with several innocent twitch chat bystanders that were there during the reign of terror that had occurred in SC2 tournament twitch chats everywhere.

This is the first time this exclusive interview has been aired anywhere in the world, we were un-able to capture and show video as it was deemed too graphic for viewing audiences:





Avilo Discusses The Sad Current State of SC2/Blizzard

Breaking WCS Qualifier News – Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers

Breaking WCS Qualifier News – Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers

WCS qualifiers are tough to break through.  I myself have not managed to break through them quite yet.  There are many players that try to go to “easier” regions in an attempt to qualify for WCS rather than go through NA/EU/KR qualifiers.

It came as no surprise that the WCS Antarctica Qualifier is stacked with top tier foreign talent, the current Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers sign-up list:





santa claus


Good luck to all competitors for a final chance at a WCS slot!




BREAKING NEWS – as it turns out, Catz is no longer in the WCS Antarctica brackets due to already qualifying in an easier region.  Congratulations to him!


BREAKING NEWS #2 – desrow has been prematurely DQ’d from WCS Antarctica due to excessively bming his opponent before the game start.  When questioned as to why, he stated that, “if being rude to my opponent who lacks tournament experience improves my chance, there’s no reason why i shouldn’t do it.”


BREAKING NEWS #3 – Santa Claus is the winner of WCS Antarctica Qualifiers!  Beating eg.incontrol in the finals 3-0.  Santa Claus utilized a “unique” swarmhost turtle strategy every game.  When interviewed on his victory he had to say, “this game is as alive as i am.”