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Avilo Taking a Break from SC2 – Going Pro in a New Game

avilo Metagame Update #31 – Revert the Removal of Macro Mechanics LOTV Patch

For those of you that don’t know…Blizzard has recently released an SC2 patch that has removed P/T macro mechanics from the game aka mules and chronoboost.  The changes not only affect the design of the game, but obviously the balance.  It’s not arguable on “whether they’ll balance it” – of course blizzard could continue on after this patch with no macro mechanics…but it will not be SC2 anymore, not the SC2 we know.   Watch the video below for my thoughts on it:

Escape from SC2 Foreigner Jail

Avilo – The Secret To Ranking Up And Improving At SC2

Breaking News: Grand Inquisitor Mod “LookNoHands” finally defeated

BREAKING NEWS:  In a landmark decision today, twitch tournament chats everywhere have removed Grand Inquisitor Moderator “LookNoHands” from moderator-ship.

The Avilonation was able to secure an exclusive live interview with several innocent twitch chat bystanders that were there during the reign of terror that had occurred in SC2 tournament twitch chats everywhere.

This is the first time this exclusive interview has been aired anywhere in the world, we were un-able to capture and show video as it was deemed too graphic for viewing audiences:





Avilo Discusses The Sad Current State of SC2/Blizzard

Breaking WCS Qualifier News – Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers

Breaking WCS Qualifier News – Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers

WCS qualifiers are tough to break through.  I myself have not managed to break through them quite yet.  There are many players that try to go to “easier” regions in an attempt to qualify for WCS rather than go through NA/EU/KR qualifiers.

It came as no surprise that the WCS Antarctica Qualifier is stacked with top tier foreign talent, the current Last Minute WCS Antarctica Qualifiers sign-up list:





santa claus


Good luck to all competitors for a final chance at a WCS slot!




BREAKING NEWS – as it turns out, Catz is no longer in the WCS Antarctica brackets due to already qualifying in an easier region.  Congratulations to him!


BREAKING NEWS #2 – desrow has been prematurely DQ’d from WCS Antarctica due to excessively bming his opponent before the game start.  When questioned as to why, he stated that, “if being rude to my opponent who lacks tournament experience improves my chance, there’s no reason why i shouldn’t do it.”


BREAKING NEWS #3 – Santa Claus is the winner of WCS Antarctica Qualifiers!  Beating eg.incontrol in the finals 3-0.  Santa Claus utilized a “unique” swarmhost turtle strategy every game.  When interviewed on his victory he had to say, “this game is as alive as i am.”



Avilo Little Jimmy Stories 2

Avilo Little Jimmy Stories 1

Avilo’s Rules of Mech

To be a good Mech Terran in SC2 requires a lot of game knowledge and experience of how to play the style.  Mech can be very unforgiving when you first are learning but can be a very rewarding style once you’ve mastered it.  My rules of Mech come from my own experience of playing and utilizing Mech in SC2.

How did i come up with these Rules of Mech?  I learned from my losses and continued learn over and over again how to best play Mech and how to not play it.  Hopefully, you can incorporate my Rules of Mech into your gameplay and save yourself a lot of losses while improving at a faster rate!

Here are my Rules of Mech, in no particular order, enjoy!


Avilo’s Rules of Mech: 

-5 factories with 4 tech labs allows flexibility

Many players still use 2 reactored factories.  While that allows a great hellion production, if the opponent blocks your harrass well, your tank and thor count may not be as high as it needs to be or as easily replenished.  4 tech labbed factories allows more flexible production, and you can still always produce hellions from one of those factories if low on gas!

-Never trade armies if possible

A common mistake when learning Mech is playing it as if it is bio.  Your goal as a Mech Terran should be to reach at least 160 supply before you commit your vespene gas units onto the map anywhere.  The longer a game goes, and the larger a Mech army gets the more cost efficient it becomes due to splash damage from tanks and seeker missiles.  Do not make the mistake of trading tanks/thors for your opponent’s mid-game armies or you will be run over by larva inject/warpgate or in TvT the bio player will be able to outproduce you or do a tech switch while you are forced to replace those gas expensive units

-Trade as many hellions/banshees as possible in early and mid-game for workers or opponent’s vespene gas units

The banshee is the only vespene gas unit in Mech play that can be put at great risk on the map because of it’s ability to escape via cloak and stay alive long.  The hellion is the cheapest Mech unit and is meant to kill opponent’s workers to slow down their economy so that you gain more time to accumulate your end game army.  Think of banshees and hellions as the “medivac harrass” of Mech play.  You may suicide these units or send them far on the map without hampering your own army strength.

-You may produce a turret ring after you have a 3rd orbital

Making a turret ring is expensive and you do not want to build it too early in the game, but you also do not want to build it too late and die to mutas or warp prisms.  The rule of thumb to follow is that once you have a third orbital command it is ok to produce a full turret ring because of your increased mineral income.

-Be liberal with missile turret production when on 3 bases; as the game goes longer, add on more turrets to your turret ring

Turrets are one of the keys to strong Mech play.  Mass mutalisk + swarmhost would be a freewin without the missile turret.  After you are on a 3 base economy, you will want to be sure to have a well spread out turret ring, and as the game goes longer, you will want to add on more turrets into your turret ring to strengthen your late game defense against mutalisk tech switches, warp prism drops, or even doom drops in TvT.  When you first learn to do this, you may feel like a n00b – but then you will learn even at pr0 level it is necessary to do this if you want to play Mech into lategame.

-Place your buildings neatly, in a way that your units can flow through your main to your natural without creating a bottleneck; also, any factories, starports, and turrets that you build should have enough space allocated between them for a tank or thor to move through

One of the biggest mistakes players make when trying to Mech it Happen™ is having bad building placement.  There will be games where a doom drop could get through to your main, or you need a thor to get into your main to help vs mutas, etc.  You do not want to lose a game because your tanks/thors are stuck getting through your own base!  To reiterate again – any production you place must always have enough space for a tank or thor to move through

-Always be cognizant of air transitions from all 3 races.  If you do not get a full scout, you must blindly counter air via viking/raven to be safe

Mech does not have good anti-air.  Thors and mines do not cut it against units such as carriers, tempests, battlecrusiers, and broodlords.  One of the most common ways a Meching Terran will die is from an unscouted air transition from any of the three races.  Therefore, once you have established a 3 base economy, you must begin utilizing your orbital command energy to scan your opponent’s infrastructure specifically looking for stargates/starports/greater spire.  The other way to figure out if your opponent has transitioned to air is to keep tabs on their army and see what units they have and how large their army is.  If their army is abnormally small, it means they have began mass air production and you may have to blindly begin mass viking and raven production yourself.

-Begin producing macro orbitals after you have 3 saturated bases, and stop all SCV production

Once you are maxed out off of 3 bases purposely stop SCV production and pour any excess minerals into macro orbitals.  This rule applies to bio as well, but it is especially important to remember it with Mech.  A bio Terran is always looking to trade units so going past a 3 base worker saturation is not as bad.  Going past a 3 base worker saturation with Mech can mean a lost game because a Meching Terran does not want to trade units almost ever (other than hellions/banshees).

-Widow mines are fools gold when playing Mech

The widow mine was one of the new Mech units introduced with Heart of the Swarm, but ironically is one of the worst units to have in a maxed out Mech army.  The more mines you have in your maxed out army, the weaker your army strength is.  Swarmhosts will make every single mine you have a waste of 2 supply.  Same goes for collosus, psi storm, and other lategame units from the other races.

Every single widow mine you have in a maxed out army could instead be a raven, viking, or even 2/3 of a banshee.  All units that have staying power and add to army strength, rather than shooting their load off and then losing you the game!  If you keep in mind that every mine you have could instead be a raven, you will win more games.

-Always throw away all of your hellions late game and replace their supply with vespene gas units

This is important to remember because the only thing that matters with Mech is late game army strength.  Just as the widow mine rule above, every hellion you have in your army late game can instead be a raven, viking, or 2/3 of a banshee.  Would you rather have 10 hellions or 10 ravens?  da Ravens br0vilo :)

There will be many more rules to come later, this is just the beginning of Avilo’s Rules of Mech!


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